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First Blog – First World Problems

Hello fellow Travellers Point people, and particularly MRI refugees. I’m happy we have found a new environment to commune in. I’m still struggling to learn the lay of the land, but hope in time to be able to navigate and contribute effectively.

I saved a few of my trips that were on MRI to load to my blog so hopefully they will be uploaded here in short order. If you are interested in The Masters tournament, Key West Florida, Portland Maine, or the Amalfi Coast you’ll enjoy them.

So here we all are, travel lovers that are grounded and unable to effectively plan future travel. That is clearly a first world problem (FWP). I’m grateful to have this type of FWP issue but am also pretty bummed out about our summer 2020 trip that has been cancelled. I started planning it a year ago, much like I did with Rome, Capri and Positano, but this one included many pre-paid and some non-refundable tours that will take some time to sort out and obtain reimbursement (I do have travel insurance).

What was the big deal? The 149th Open Championship at Royal St George’s (RSG) in Sandwich, UK was the focal point of this trip. It was cancelled by the Royal and Ancient earlier this week. Starting May 1, 2020 we have the option of receiving a full refund or getting tickets to next year’s Open, remaining at RSG. I’m glad to have time to figure it out. This was a return to RSG for me as I was last there in 1985. I went with my parents and my Dad was the same age as I am now. It was a nostalgic event for me.

I’d saved my hotel points and was able to book all 3 hotels gratis. We’d start at the St. Pancras Rennaissance (where we’d hope to do a pub crawl with Brightlybob and Pey). It was to be followed by a tour to Normandy that involved a free night in Paris on my credit card annual award at Le Meridien Etoile. After our private tour (big bucks) to Normandy beaches and cemeteries we’d Eurostar back to London and spend the rest of our time at the Park Lane Marriott. I’d booked them all at the old rate before the 3 tiered pricing went into effect. While the points will be returned, I’m certain I won’t be able to book at those point levels in 2021.

The Normandy tour was a bucket list item for both my husband and I. We are rapidly losing our WW II veterans and soon none will be left to tell their stories first hand. Both our father’s served in the Navy, Pacific Theater of War, but when I went to Paris with my parents my Dad wanted to have a beer in a café on the Champs-Elysees. Many WW II Veterans that served elsewhere were keenly observing the battles in the European Theater of War. Anyway, I did splurge on this tour as it was with a private guide and town car and it was customizable to what we wanted to see. Due to the Eurostar tickets it was non-refundable. I wonder how long it will take to get the insurer to refund us?

I lived in London while serving in the military in the 1980’s and have friends there. We had hoped to see many of them and I guess that will have to be put off for a while. The Park Lane location was very close to the building I worked and an area I spent a lot of time in. I was looking forward to sharing some of my favorite places, pubs and restaurants with my husband.

I will say that the cancellation and unknown future world have taken some of the joie de vivre from my usual travel planning. I’m hard pressed to get excited about re-planning this trip. I’m glad I have some time to think it through and figure it out. I’m hoping being on this site will help me to reconnect and get my travel juices flowing again. I’m also looking forward to reading my MRI friends blogs/posts and making new TP friends as well.
Last, like I said in the title, even worrying about future holidays and vacation travel is truly a “First World Problem” and I consider myself fortunate. Cheers!

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It sounds like you had put a lot of time and effort into planning your vacation; it must be frustrating to have to undo it all. I do hope you'll be able to put all that work to use in the future, though, planning another great trip.

by wsm78

I like to plan many months in advance! We had to cancel MLB Opening Day for the Texas Rangers in their brand new stadium. Bummed because we had used points & a FNA for Ritz Dallas (which has now increased to Cat 7).

We had also planned on going to Omaha for the Swimming Olympic Trials in June! The Olympics are postponed a year, of course, but we were finally allowed to submit for a refund of $800 for two sets of tickets to the trials (yippee).

I don’t think my May trip to Toronto will be happening to the the Blue Jays baseball, either (Ritz Toronto canceled). All told, I’ve redeposited about half million Marriott points, and I’m itching to spend them some how for my 30th anniversary next year.

Until then, be safe

by VerySuiteBoy

Thanks wsm78 and verysuiteboy. Hopefully we will be able to travel again. We deferred our Open tickets until 2022 - which will be the 150th Open at St Andrews. We aren't comfortable that there will be a widely available vaccine by July 2021.

So now I'm looking for social distancing places to go this summer. Vermont and Maine perhaps. Time will tell!

by MsAnnMcD

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